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Importance of having a gun safe

Do you have a gun safe at your home or business? Do you really need one? If you have guns, ammunition or other firearms at your property, you really do need some kind of gun safe or cabinet. Like other appliances, there is no one size fits all category of gun safe. They come in all materials, sizes, colors and locking mechanisms. Gun safes can be discreet and hidden or they can showcase your guns so that they are seen and appreciated. Your gun safe can be easily accessed in case of need or it can be expertly secured and hard to open to better protect your gun collection. Here at Locksmith Des Plaines, we offer gun safes in all price ranges and materials. We also have them for every need. Call our local Des Plaines, IL shop and speak to our technicians. We’ll help you decide whether to get a new gun safe, where to install it and what kind of lock you should secure it with.

What is your goal?

Let’s start at the beginning; what is your goal for your guns? You don’t want loaded guns lying around; that is asking for trouble! If you have child or guests over, it is vital that your guns be secured in a gun safe. But what is your goal? Maybe you want to keep your guns safe from weather, nosy neighbors, thieves, playful children, rowdy teens, home invaders or anyone else in particular. Having a good gun safe is one great way to do that. It’s a known fact that having loaded guns within easy reach can spell danger and even death in certain situations. Take highly emotional domestic disputes or parties where too much drink or some drugs are present. Even childish party games like Russian roulette or other games of dare can lead to disastrous results if a loaded gun is left within easy reach.

What about gun protection?

One question, often asked, is what about gun protection when you need it? How can you protect yourself or your loved ones if your weapons and ammo are locked up in a gun cabinet clear across your house? This argument makes sense (or does it?). If someone breaks into your home or office and you feel threatened, how do you buy enough time to actually get to your gun safe, remember the combination or find the key, open the safe, load your weapon and then defend yourself? This is precisely why a professional locksmith should be consulted. Unlike retail store clerks that are usually minimum wage, part time employees with little actual product knowledge, a full time, licensed, bonded and insured residential or commercial locksmith will have access to more gun safe options and the operational knowledge that comes with years of in-the field experience and training. You can get a gun safe that is easily and quickly opened. Models are available that can open without complicated number sequences or fumbling with keys.

Won’t having a gun safe make me a target?

No; not in and of itself. It’s like having cash at home; do you broadcast to everyone you know that you have loads of money lying around? Sooner or later, someone will tell the wrong person and you could soon regret your lack of discretion. It’s the same with gun safes. You don’t have to keep your gun safe purchase and installation a secret; far from it. Just be choosy who you tell and how you say it. Bragging that your home is now an arsenal of weaponry could be asking for trouble. Use your wise judgement and all should be okay.

Gun safes are versatile

By that, we mean that you don’t really have to just use your gun safe for guns! Think about it; a gun safe is really just a locking cabinet. You are always free to put other items inside your gun safe including cash, ammunition, jewelry, books, vintage items, documents, prized mementos, passports, flash drives, silver bars, gold coins, stamp collections, birth and death certificates, gift cards, rare watches, old photos, and/or a mixture of any of the above! We know of one customer who turned an old gun safe into a cabinet to showcase her rare dishes! Think outside the box and use your imagination; there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to gun safes.

Buying your gun safe

You can purchase a gun safe in many places. Online, retail stores, yard sales, locksmith shops, safe stores, home improvement centers and even estate and police auctions are all valid places to consider. Each has its pros and cons. You can save money by buying a used gun safe on Craigslist, Backpage or from newspaper classified ads. Yard sales sometimes have gun safes for sale as do some consignment shops. While money savings can be a benefit, you really don’t have much choice in dimensions, materials or locking mechanism and must settle for what’s available.

New gun safe are often bought from retail stores but if you have questions about use, set-up and delivery, the minimum wage, part time clerk will be of little help. You can shop online for a much better selection but you must factor in shipping charges and set up and details. Safe shops are found in larger towns but they are often middlemen who simply call a locksmith shop for inventory, service, delivery or repair work.
Time to call a locksmith

A local, full service locksmith shop with established clients, affordable pricing and full licensing and bonding in place is really your best bet. Why all the qualifications? Because an established shop has more experience installing and servicing gun safes. They also have access to a greater selection for you to choose from. Get your choice of locking mechanisms including dial locks, keypad, biometric locks, keys and several more. Your locksmith can sell, install, maintain, advise and service your gun safe now and in the future whenever needed.